About Theater Mundi

Founded in 2015 by Scott Felluss, Theater Mundi is a Honolulu-based company that devises, produces, preforms, and distributes avant garde theater and performance art productions. With an eye toward experimental, political, and spiritually transformative material, the company’s over all mission is to showcase performances that envision, awaken, and entertain.


Theater Mundi's Jarjara laboratory develops, incubates, and accelaerates the company's projects.


For internships at Theater Mundi, please email info@theatermundi.org


Scott Felluss

Scott Felluss founded Theater Mundi in 2016.  Felluss attended Brown and Fordham Universities, where he received his Bachelor's degree in cultural anthropology as he investigated the discipline's emergence with Performance Studies. After graduating, Scott worked under pulitzer prize winning playwright Ayad Akhtar (DISGRACED) for two years as an apprentice-assistant. Following his work with Akhtar, he completed a multi-year immersion program with Double Edge Theatre in Ashfield, Massachusetts. Over an eight year span, he did three artist residencies and performed in five performances directed by Stacy Klein: The Odyssey, The Magician of Avalon, A Visit to the Republic of Dreams, Master and Margarita, and The UnPossessed.


With Double Edge, his research engaged variations of indigenous theater methodologies from North and South America, Australia, and India alongside his instruction in experimental theater acting and directing. Felluss has worked alongside Rena Mirecka and her Karawanasun laboratory during its residency at Double Edge and has also participated in theatrical exchanges with Wlodzimierz Staniewski's Gardzienice Theater in Lublin, Poland.  


Felluss is the principle director of Meadowlark, an independent entertainment production company and the lead investigator of the Jarjara Laboratory for Experimental Performance.


He obtain his masters degree in Literature and Critical Theory at Mills College in Oakland, California and is currently completing his doctorate in Theater and Performance Studies at the University of Hawaii, Manoa in Honolulu, HI.

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